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Total search intelligence.

Automation, performance and efficiency once represented the entire advantage of premium search marketing software. Today, they’re the table stakes. Search marketers looking for true competitive advantage need the tools to achieve an unbiased, holistic optimization strategy. And that’s where Skai comes in.

A history of innovation in data, bidding and measurement, combined with an independent, media-agnostic and omnichannel position, sets search marketers up to stay in control while driving true business growth—at scale.

Stand apart with optimization intelligence that goes beyond the bid

Data Intelligence

Drive Smarter Investment Strategies
Set yourself up with actionable insights and predictive strategies for success.
  • Bring relevant new insights and intelligent decision-making to your program
  • Scale success across multiple go-to-market channels
  • Leverage machine learning to automatically plan, forecast and optimize budgets

Campaign Mirroring

Copy and sync campaigns across publishers in bulk

Data Integrations

Build connections to disparate data sources

Budget Navigator

Intelligent forecasting and dynamic budgeting

Publisher Support

Strategic partnerships with the leading search channels

Bidding Intelligence

Optimize towards metrics that drive true business success
Take advantage of enhancements to publisher bidding to achieve the goals that matter most, not just proxy KPIs.
  • Full support of Google Smart Bidding and Microsoft Advertising Automated Bidding
  • Integrate custom conversion data for “true north” optimization
  • Dynamically adjust publisher bidding targets to maximize profitability

Signal Enhancement

Integrate conversion data into the bidding algorithm

Custom Metrics

Optimize towards the metrics that matter most


Maximize the difference between revenue and cost

Bidding Intelligence Smart Tags

Gain insights into publisher bidding optimizations

Measurement Intelligence

Monitor the true impact of paid search
Understand your performance and better refine optimization strategies.
  • Actionable insights based on unbiased and holistic reporting
  • Ensure your media strategies are making an impact through A/B testing at scale
  • Gain valuable cross-channel insights
  • Maintain account hygiene with customizable audits


Test, learn and take action quickly

Impact Navigator

Measure the true incremental impact of all media channels, on or off Skai


Automatically check for, and correct, common campaign irregularities

Amazon Conversions Data on Search

Track Amazon conversion data from Search advertising

The Skai

Strategic Partnerships

Co-develop with the most important media partners to bring you the very latest search innovation

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Data Partnerships

Integrate data from over hundreds of providers via our flexible, open ecosystem

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Dedicated Support

Best-in-class onboarding, technical and strategic support from our client service teams

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Independent & Unbiased

We put marketers’ interests before the media’s with totally unbiased insights that help you with planning, budgets and media mix

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Beyond the Bid

Go beyond standard search metrics and bidding models with holistic optimization that puts as much into insights and measurement as bid execution

Hear from Our Clients

Skai’s Amazon Attribution integration completely revolutionizes the potential of our paid search campaigns. Measuring impact across the shopping journey from ad click to purchase allows our team to identify which keywords are most likely to convert to purchases. This empowers us to A) hone our keyword mix B) inform creative adjustments and C) drive business growth on behalf of our clients.

Will Hoverman, Sr. Specialist, Search at Empower

Overall, using Google Smart Bidding + Skai’s Budget Navigator led to many positive trends. The team saw an increase in CVR & AOV, in conjunction with an increase in traffic helped drive higher overall revenue and conversion volume from these campaigns, while savings on Average CPC helped boost efficiency and stay within the Shopping budget.

Shana Wolfert, Senior Specialist for Shopping & Feed, Tinuiti

Skai’s Profit based optimisation for Smart Bidding allows us to get the best out of both worlds. We can use Google’s bid policies and take advantage of their capacity to deliver performance according to the real time signals of the targeted audience, while making sure each €/$/CHF invested will generate profit.

Romain Vega, PPC Director, Peak Digital

Budget Navigator – combined with Smart Bidding – generates huge efficiency in terms of operations, along with effectiveness on business results.

Esra Suzme, Head of Brand & Marketing Strategy, Vodafone

Skai’s Mirror and Keep in Sync campaign feature not only had a significant impact on beating revenue goals, but the time savings was critical.

Sarah Gyson, Sr. Director, Client Services, Rakuten Marketing

Skai Experiments has helped me efficiently monitor performance throughout tests. The dashboard is informative and easy to use, ensuring I can monitor the health of my experiment while it’s running, not just analyze the results.

Alex King, Paid Search Analyst, Ovative Group

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