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Mobile app marketers know the install is only the beginning. Making your app not only stand out among millions but remain sticky comes down to a cross-publisher marketing strategy.

Reach your best mobile users and drive acquisition with Skai—the only complete mobile advertising platform for tapping into the opportunity of Apple Search Ads and more.

Drive user app engagement where your customers are

Skai is the #1 mobile app marketing platform to acquire high value users at scale


Manage all your mobile app marketing campaigns in one place
  • Manage app advertising across the most impactful publishers within a single, unified platform
  • Leverage enterprise-grade reporting & app marketing analytics tools to surface cross-publisher insights & take action quickly
  • Streamline campaign creation & management workflows with time savings solutions
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Full-Funnel Optimization

Go beyond proxy metrics & manual processes
  • Harness AI to auto-optimize bids towards true north KPIs
  • Automate optimizations to eliminate time-consuming, manual interventions
  • Full-Funnel automatic bidding to optimize towards Apple Installs and In-App events
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Unified Analytics

Unify publisher & MPP data for cohesive reporting
  • Unify publisher data & MMP together, in one place
  • Assess real-time cohort performance within just a few clicks
  • Make more informed decisions by seeing the full picture with ease
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The Skai

Enterprise-level Product Capabilites

Best-in-class, enterprise-level automation, optimization and campaign management app marketing tools to help you scale and grow.

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Strategic Partnerships

Co-develop with the most important media partners to bring you the very latest innovation.

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MMP, Data & Integration Partners

Integrate data from over hundreds of providers via our flexible, open ecosystem

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Dedicated Support

Best-in-class onboarding, technical and strategic support from our client service teams

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Independent & Unbiased

We put mobile app marketers’ interests before the media’s with totally unbiased insights that help you with planning, budgets and media mix

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Hear from Our Clients

“Skai’s advanced suite of capabilities helped us drive growth & take our ASA program to the next level”

Julia Zheng, Growth Marketing Manager, DraftKings

“Handing over bidding controls to Skai was something we were wary about given the pressure to hit targets. However we needn’t have worried – the results from using Automatic Bid Optimization for our Apple Search Ads campaigns have been outstanding!”

Michael Jessen, User Acquisition Specialist, Socialpoint

“There is no way we could have conducted this many tests and grown the app without Skai Apps. We are always on the lookout for best-in-class solutions to help us run our Facebook app campaigns, but other tools don’t even come close to the sophistication of Skai.”

Elena Tsarkova, Senior User Acquisition Manager, Wooga

“By utilizing the Skai CPA Optimization solution across our Competitor and Non-Brand ASA campaigns, we achieved a 68% increase in free trials from only 19% increase in spend, resulting in a 29% decrease in cost per free trials (comparing five weeks before and after).”

Gary Cook, Associate Director Paid Search, iProspect

“The Skai team is amazing and super helpful. Skai Apps is more advanced than all other available tools for Apple Search Ads and had the most interesting roadmap with a fully automated bidding tool plan.”

Or Baram, SEM Analyst, eToro

“Skai has really helped us scale our Apple Search Ads campaigns in a way I would never have achieved by myself. With the tool taking care of the results, I am now able to allocate more time to developing plans that will help me further our Apple Search Ads campaigns”

Sergio Andres & Ramirez Perez, SEA Team Lead, C-Date

“Especially in uncertain times (like 2020 has proven to be!), our Apple Search Ads strategy has evolved regularly. Skai Apps has been a great fit for us in that sense as it is a really agile platform that allows us to make strategic changes efficiently. Autobidding has really eased our daily workload – and the Skai Client Success team continues to get hands-on to ensure we are doing what we need to drive results, manage campaigns optimally and take full advantage of the Skai Apps platform”

– Milla Leinonen, Project Management: App Stores & Effectiveness, EasyPark

“If you’re an agency managing complex campaigns across Google App Campaigns and Apple Search Ads then Skai is a no-brainer. The time saved and performance improvements we have experienced after working on the platform for just one month are significant!”

Andrea Raggi, Performance Marketing Lead, Phiture

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