Continuous market intelligence.
Always-on incrementality testing.

Impact Navigator measures the real-world effectiveness, or incrementality, of a marketing tactic in the only place that matters: the real world, with real people, as part of a real marketing test measuring business responses that matter like revenue impact, client acquisition, and brand engagement. Leave the guesses and hunches to your competition, and speed ahead with your own growth strategy powered by real consumer insights.

Solving Challenges for Marketers

Drive Performance

ROI Demystified
Unlock smarter market planning, better budgeting, and stronger alignment to business objectives by measuring and monitoring the true business impact of your marketing programs. With Impact Navigator you can:
  • Run real marketing experiments
  • Accurately measure true incremental impact across all audience segments
  • Design and monitor testing for any media channel, on or off Skai
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Boost Productivity

Depth and Breadth in One Platform
Impact Navigator measures your channels’ incremental impact, its effective lift alongside all of your other marketing tactics, and lets you correct and adjust the measurements from your existing MTA signals—all via a first-of-kind, always-on SaaS solution. Say goodbye to rigorous, slow and expensive testing and analysis, and improve workflow with a marketing experimentation culture. Increase the velocity of getting from test design to directional takeaways.
  • Daily readouts
  • Adjust based on real data and experiments
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Improve Decisioning

Make Data Work for You
Impact Navigator can keep your media marketing mix planning accurate and relevant by providing a readout on your current consumer response to different marketing tactics.
  • Drive with forward-looking insights
  • Drive accuracy and success
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