Driving Traffic with Pinterest

29 %
Website Traffic
8 X
Search ROAS
9 X
Shopping ROAS

Since 1948, American Signature Furniture has helped families fill their homes with furniture they love. Part of a family of furniture companies that includes more than 100 family-owned and operated stores, their mission is to make furniture shopping easy and to help customers find the perfect furniture from their first apartment to an empty nest and every laugh, smile, and dream in between.

Challenge: Increasing Website Traffic

Pinterest is a popular destination for people interested in Home Décor and Furniture. American Signature Furniture wants to inspire Pinterest users who are looking for their dream interiors to save their promoted pins and, ultimately, drive users to their website and into their local stores when they’re ready to fulfill those dreams.

They wanted to try various targeting options – retargeting, act-a-likes, keywords, and shopping – and measure their impact on driving more website traffic at an efficient cost. However, on their prior search platform, support was minimal for keyword and shopping, limiting them to interest-based targeting. Additionally, their other brand had to be managed under separate logins, making it very time-consuming to manage programs for both brands and get holistic reporting across them.

Solution: Holistic Targeting & Management

The ease of reporting as well as Search and Shopping support drew American Signature Furniture to Skai. Moving to the Skai platform provided a number of benefits.

  • Skai’s Profiles allowed them to manage both of their brands with a single login, making it easier to manage day-to-day activities and measure performance without having to jump back and forth between profiles.
  • Managing campaigns via Bulksheets, where they could make fast changes and updates in Excel, saved a ton of time.
  • Support for Pinterest’s Interest Targeting, Search Campaigns, and Shopping Campaigns – and the time savings they achieved – allowed them to try new campaign types and targeting. They performed extensive testing on each to determine which products to support, how to structure their campaigns, and what the bids should be in order to achieve their KPIs.
  • Their ability to set negative keywords for Search Campaigns, view search query reports, and view performance down to the keyword level was a game changer. CPCs dramatically improved by being able to limit the queries they were associated with, and the team could easily view performance and change bids whenever necessary. They could also scale back the number of keywords, gaining quality over quantity.
  • With the time savings and easier and more granular reporting, they had the bandwidth to add Shopping Campaigns into their mix.
  • They used Retargeting to reach Pinterest users based on the interest they showed on their website to increase revenue.

Results: Driving Efficient Traffic

  • Website traffic increase of 29%
  • Search ROAS (30/30/1) of ~ $8
  • Shopping ROAS (30/30/1) of ~$9


  • Increase website traffic
  • Efficient cost


  • Profiles
  • Bulksheets
  • Interest-based Targeting
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Keyword Campaigns
  • Retargeting
  • Reporting


  • Website traffic increased by 29%
  • Search ROAS (30/30/1) of ~$8
  • Shopping ROAS (30/30/1) of ~$9