iCrossing and Skai Success

4 X
18 %
4 X
Product Sales

The Challenge

iCrossing has an expert ecommerce team that helps a pharmaceutical client manage their product-driven campaigns in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). The client increased ad investment in Amazon with the goal of quickly scaling product campaigns, increasing brand awareness and boosting sales volume.

The Solution

The iCrossing team looked to Skai Ecommerce to gain detailed insights into product activity, pace the budget for optimal ad performance and to scale the client’s vast Amazon  program.  Using Skai’s Dimensions capabilities, iCrossing organized their product data by product and by brand.  Segmenting their data this way allowed for the creation of key reporting templates, showing detailed ad, product and campaign activity.

The team also leveraged Skai’s bulk actions and budget management functionalities to scale the program and drive increased awareness for their client’s brands, while automated campaign management and bid optimization tools allowed the team to expand new ad activity with additional efficiency.

The Results

With Skai’s support, iCrossing and their client decided to increase spend by 8X for brand awareness, causing  a 4X jump impressions and 18% increase in CTR!  Additionally, product sales, while not the client’s focus,  also increased by 4X while still remaining profitable.

iCrossing was thrilled with the results they generated for their pharmaceutical client using Skai Ecommerce.  The campaign management and optimization tools enabled the iCrossing team to focus on strategic business decisions, provided a unique view into the performance details of their Amazon program, while also saving an hour of time each day.


  • Quickly scale Amazon product campaigns
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost sales volume


  • Skai Ecommerce
  • Detailed product insights
  • Budget pacing & optimization
  •  Dimensions
  • Bulk editing and actions
  • Automated campaign management
  • Automated campaign optimization


  • 4X jump in impressions
  • 18% Increase in CTR
  • 4X increase in product sales

Navigating advertising on Amazon while having to hit multiple goals set by our clients is certainly a challenge. By partnering with and leveraging Skai Ecommerce, we were able to drastically exceed our client's expectations! We look forward to working with Skai on many more ecommerce endeavors in the future.

Tara Ezer, Digital Marketing Consultant, iCrossing