More Conversions, Not Costs

482 %
Conversions (8 months)
36 %
Conversions (Month over Month)
3 %

Based in Holland, FrieslandCampina is one of the world’s leading dairy cooperatives. One of its key brands, Friso, is an infant and toddler nutrition formula which faces strong competition in the Vietnamese market specifically, making it difficult and costly to communicate the brand USPs and acquire new customers at scale.

Since January 2017, FrieslandCampina began working with Pervorm, a Dutch-based performance marketing agency, to help manage its Search campaigns for Friso Vietnam. 

Challenge: Grow Leads and Maintain CPA

Since the start of the acquisition campaign, Pervorm utilised Search to get Friso in front of its target audience and offer them free formula samples. It was achieving a good volume of leads at relatively low cost but recognised that after a certain point it was proving a challenge to scale the volume of leads whilst maintaining the same CPL. For example, CPA increased on Adwords and Bing when they tried to add broader, up-the-funnel keywords.

The challenge was set for Pervorm – drive scalable customer acquisition, whilst maintaining an efficient Cost Per Lead.

Solution: Holistic Measurement and Optimization

As a long-standing Skai partner, Pervorm quickly moved the Friso Vietnam campaigns onto the Skai Search platform and took advantage of the following features to achieve the desired result:

  • U-Shaped Conversion Attribution works well with Friso’s lead generation model as it enabled the team to re-evaluate the keywords that did not appear to be performing initially. In conjunction advanced bidding technology, this enabled the team to better optimise performance across the account.
  • Skai Portfolio Optimization was used to automatically optimise the campaigns to maximise conversions at the target CPA. The planning and forecasting tool within Skai was then applied to provide budget forecasts for different CPA target scenarios, giving the team options to choose from in order to meet the business objectives.
  • Cốc Cốc is a local Vietnamese search engine with low competition and therefore cheaper clicks and additional users. However, Cốc Cốc does not offer any sort of tracking solution which makes it almost impossible to measure and optimise performance. Using Skai Universal Channelhowever, the team was able to track conversions with dummy keywords, apply conversion attribution data and analyse it in a holistic and centralised view alongside Adwords and Bing.

Results: More Conversions Within Target CPA

  • CPA is 80% lower on Coccoc than on Google or Bing allowing more room for bidding on higher cost conversions on these channels.
  • 6% more conversions via Cốc Cốc when compared to Google and Bing (and still increasing!)
  • Average conversions increased solidly at around 36% month on month.
  • 482% increase in conversions over an eight-month period, at just a 3% higher CPA (which is still within the CPA target).


  • Scale the volume of leads
  • Keep CPA within current targets


  • U-shaped attribution
  • KPO
  • Budget forecasting
  • Universal channel for Cốc Cốc


  • Conversions 6% higher on Cốc Cốc vs. other engines (and still increasing!)
  • CPA is 80% lower on Coccoc than on other engines
  • Average conversions increases of 36% (MoM)
  • Conversion increase of 482% over 8 months
  • CPA increased 3% (within the CPA target)