Massive Scale

10 X
10 X
Time Savings, a global leader in luxury e-commerce based out of Germany, houses over 200 of the best international fashion brands, spanning womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, fine jewelry and select lifestyle products.

Challenge: Global Expansion

The team needed to scale its search program from 5 to over 50 countries – an increase of 10X – to drive incremental website traffic and purchases while reaching specific ROI goals per country.

Expanding across so many countries was complex, requiring four different advertiser profiles for the four languages most popular among the over 50 European countries they were expanding into. knew this level of scale in creation and optimization would be impossible with its’ lean team of three. That’s where Skai came in.

Solution: Automate Regional Campaign Creation, Bidding, and Budget Management

The team partnered with Skai to scale its paid search program and reach performance goals.

Automated Campaign Creation

  • Skai’s streamlined campaign creation and Campaign Mirroring enabled STYLEBOP to efficiently launch Google search campaigns in 50+ new countries and in 4 different languages.
  • Campaign Mirroring was also used to automatically mirror all of the Google campaigns to other search engines.

Flexible Portfolio Structures

Each country and/or region has unique budgets and target KPIs. With Budget Manager, the team defined portfolio groups to match with their country-based business structure.

  • The countries where they already had a strong presence had their own portfolios with revenue goals.
  • The smaller countries were clustered into a portfolio group with a shared goal to increase website traffic at minimal cost per click.
  • Country dedicated promotions are reflected in the budgets

Performance Optimization

  • Skai Portfolio Optimization (KPO) was used on the individual plans for their existing top markets.
  • Bid-to-value optimization was used for the smaller countries that lacked brand awareness in order to drive the highest volume of traffic at the lowest possible cost.

Budget Management

Budget Manager worked with both Bid-to-Value and KPO, powering the team to forecast, optimize and monitor its entire paid search program with ease.

  • Budget forecasting visualized potential return on any given budget and guided budget allocation across the campaigns and countries.
  • Budget Manager’s machine learning executed on the forecasts, automatically adjusting spend to achieve their goals. With continuous feedback on expected results, they could stay ahead of trends and the competition.

From a seamless onboarding to Skai Search to regular meetings to monitor performance and strategize, the Skai client success team was there for every step of the way! They didn’t need much education, and training was a breeze.

Results: Massive Scale

  • 10X scale of program (from 5 countries to 50+ countries)
  • 10X time savings on optimization (from 20 to 2 hours per week)
  • Stable revenue growth per country


  • Scale search program from 5 to over 50 countries
  • Drive incremental website traffic and purchases
  • Reaching specific ROI goals per country


  • Campaign Mirroring
  • KPO
  • Bid-to-Value Optimization
  • Budget Manager


  • 10X scale of program (from 5 countries to 50+ countries)
  • 10X time savings on optimization (from 20 to 2 hours per week)
  • Stable revenue growth per country

Skai’s flexible optimization, cross-engine budget management, and automated campaign mirroring were critical to achieving the scale we needed for our regional expansion. We not only saved significant amounts of time, but we hit our revenue targets as well.”

Heiko Eckert, Director Online Marketing at