Rakuten Marketing Improves ROI for PacSun by 78% with KPO

78 %
Increase in ROI
16 %
Decrease in CPC
57 %
Increase in Conversion Rate


PacSun, a leading specialty retailer, offers a cross-section of emerging brands and trending fashion with curated collections, rare products, and collaborations, all through the lens of the Los Angeles creative scene.


With an innovative, fashion-forward focus, PacSun is always looking for ways to push the envelope on their digital marketing as well.

Although PacSun was already running a robust shopping program featuring thousands of products, they wanted to streamline this process and do a better job marketing all of their products. They turned to their agency, Rakuten Marketing, in an effort to scale product sales and grow revenue.


Rakuten recommended Skai’s Structure Optimization feature to automatically organize PacSun’s product groups based on click performance, eliminating the need for manual organization and allowing the highest performing products to be grouped together and optimized accordingly.

They also started using Skai Portfolio Optimizer to automate bids and budgets for these product groups in order to ensure they were hitting their ROI goals.


Their results were impressive. Following these implementations, ROI improved by 78% and cost-per-click went down by 16%. They also saw conversion rate improve by 57% due to their focus on top converting product and by bidding down on high-volume low converting products.

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"Leveraging this new feature from Skai added a higher-level of optimization to our shopping program. Not only did it deliver success on top KPIs, but it also enhanced the program with the perfect level of automation to reduce time on manual campaign management."

Yuly Gonzalez, Director of Client Services, Rakuten Marketing