Sporthaus Schuster grows sales by 240% with Skai

240 %
Increase in sales year on year
44 %
Increase in conversion rate from visit to sale
90 %
Return on Advertising Spend


Since starting up as a family run business in 1913, Sporthaus Schuster – a sporting goods specialist based in the heart of Munich – has now gained international recognition thanks to its online presence over the last ten years. Its online shop features 70,000 articles from more than 400 renowned sports brands and generates monthly sales that reach seven figures.


Sporthaus Schuster faced two main challenges:

  • Establish the best possible bidding strategy for its Google Shopping campaigns to continue driving and growing sales via this channel
  • Make the monthly SEA budgets work as efficiently as possible so as to continue achieving a high Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).


Since 2011, Sporthaus Schuster has partnered with norisk GmbH, a multichannel commerce agency based in Munich, to run its Search Engine Advertising campaigns on Google and Bing. The core agency tasks include daily performance monitoring of all campaigns, budget control, and the creation and optimization of new keywords and ads. In addition, shopping and product feed optimization is managed by norisk – as are all promotional SEA campaigns.

Skai Portfolio Optimizer (KPO) not only provides norisk with an automated bid management platform on which to run Shopping Campaigns for Sporthaus Schuster – but the portfolio bidding system ensures that campaigns are continually optimized towards their goals. KPO predicts the future performance of a portfolio and dynamically adjusts bids to drive success. Plus, for Shopping Campaigns specifically, the product structure could be adapted automatically for different campaign goals, i.e., during peak shopping seasons when demand for certain products increases.

A big concern for Sport Schuster was having the ability to identify low performing ads and to be able to control those. KPO took care of this with its automated restrictive down-bidding functionality. Mobile Bid Modifiers were used to identify requests for mobile devices and optimize bidding offers. Campaign Mirroring copied and synchronized Google campaigns to Bing – a process that took just minutes – to ensure that campaign quality was high on Bing.

The intuitive use of the system and the fantastic support from Skai’s client services team have been further factors of success.


Sporthaus Schuster is breaking sales records in e-commerce across Germany thanks to Skai and norisk. Results from implementing the new SEA strategy on Skai were phenomenal:

  • 240% Increase in sales year on year
  • 44% Increase in conversion rate from visit to sale
  • 2x Almost double the number of visitors from its Google Shopping Campaigns in the first year
  • 90% Return on Advertising Spend
  • 36% Reduction in cost per order

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