Kenshoo together with Signals Analytics have rebranded to Skai! Learn more about our next chapter.



  • Utilize Facebook advertising to re-engage inactive players for revenue generation and encourage their friends to sign up to play.


  • Built Personas within Skai that utilized Facebook custom audiences to re-target inactive players via email cohort matching and pixel based logic.
  • Employed creative and messaging focused on nostalgia to remind people of the game they loved and may not have played for years as well as showcase how it has evolved.


  • In a 2-week window, achieved over 1.1M video views, 16K reactions, 7.9K comments and 2.3K post shares. This is significantly higher than their baseline average of 2.3K post reactions, 660 comments, 200 post shares per campaign.
  • Increased ROI by 152 percentage points above their baseline average.
  • Reduced cost per acquisition of new accounts by 41%.
  • Increased their Daily Active Users by 8%.