Kenshoo together with Signals Analytics have rebranded to Skai! Learn more about our next chapter.



  • Increase monthly conversions by 10% with a maximum CPA of €50
  • Lower the cost per acquisition (CPA) as low as possible


  • Implemented a data driven optimization strategy to optimize budgets, campaigns, landing pages and keywords.
  • Isolated the best performing (impressions, conversion rate, CPA) keywords in separate campaigns with an uncapped budget.
  • Isolate campaigns and keywords by match types (broad match modified and exact) and excluded exact match keywords in the broad match modified campaigns.
  • Enabled the Bid to CPA policy from Skai to create more room in the budget. Therefore, we were able to bid on higher funnel keyword and reach even more prospects.
  • Reached more prospects by targeting ads on specific questions that (soon to be) pet owners have and collected relevant data on that sub-target group. This data was then also used to retarget visitors in search, display and social.


  • Decreased CPC 33% between March and November.
  • Increased conversions 32%.
  • Decreased cost per acquisition (CPA) by 53%.