Kenshoo together with Signals Analytics have rebranded to Skai! Learn more about our next chapter.



  • Evolve the digital media program from a focus on ecommerce revenue to a focus on enterprise revenue (online + offline sales) and customer acquisition.


  • Tied Skai Infinity Tag tracking to Ovative’s proprietary customer data environment which connects online and offline customer, transaction and marketing data.
  • Ingested offline sales and new customers that were driven by SEM, PLA’s and paid social into Skai via the Skai Parser tool.
  • Developed custom metrics (combination of online and offline sales) that could be utilized by Skai KPO algorithms to optimize against enterprise revenue and ROAS.


  • Deep insights into keywords and audience targets that drive offline sales and customer acquisition.
  • Shifts and increases in investments toward non brand SEM keywords, product targets and audience segments that over index towards offline sales and high LTV customers acquired.
  • Increased enterprise revenue on higher enterprise ROAS.