Apparel Analytics
Smarter decisions and stronger customer connections with actionable intelligence

Trends come and go quickly in the fashion industry. Launching the wrong product, at the wrong time, on the wrong channels, or missing the latest trend completely can be damaging to your brand. Leading apparel brands require advanced market trends and consumer insights to help anticipate the next big craze. Skai enables apparel brands to achieve full-circle market intelligence with its apparel go-to-market solutions. Connect apparel analytics intelligence with omnichannel media activation to help fuel your go-to-market decisions.

Reach your consumers on the channels that matter most

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with deep apparel market intelligence that drives real business opportunity

Apparel Go-to-Market Strategy

Turn apparel analytics into winning product strategies
With more than 100 analytic models, you can examine new opportunities, key influencer discussions, signals of innovation like patent filings and more, leveraging the most comprehensive and relevant dataset to your business objectives.
Product Ideation

Identify new areas of pursuit
Evolving consumer tastes, rapid adoption of new trends, and increased competitive pressures are driving the need for increased creativity and innovation from today’s apparel brands.
Product Development

Uncover insights for product development
Using patented NLP and AI technologies, Skai leads the pack in delving into the most granular product attributes so you can better optimize your product make-up according to what consumers really want.
Acquisition Opportunities

Determine M&A and partnering opportunities
We continuously refresh our data, allowing for fast and timely detection of the brands most associated with emerging trends so you can predict their growth over time and identify potential partners or M&A targets.

with best-of-breed omnichannel marketing execution

Leverage competitive intelligence to grow your addressable market

  • Monitor your Share of Voice (paid and organic) within a unified dashboard
  • Grow Share of Voice with rules-based automatic bid optimization technology
  • Conquest with ads synced to your competitors’ TV ads
  • Harness internal and external apparel analytics to gain a competitive advantage
  • Get in front of your competitors’ customers by targeting up to 1,000+ 3rd Party Audience segments, powered by Oracle, Experian, and Epsilon

Drive new trials and bottom-line sales

  • Manage cross-retail ad campaigns seamlessly within a unified platform
  • Bridge the gap between cross-retailer, cross-channel attribution models with custom metrics
  • Leverage deep reporting integrations with Google Data Studio, Tableau, Domo, PowerBI, and others to consolidate apparel analytics across retailers and power internal dashboards

Get more from digital shopper marketing

  • Engage shoppers throughout the consumer journey across 10+ retailers all in one platform
  • Scale winning strategies by setting up and running A/B tests with ease
  • Leverage algorithmic bid and budget optimizations to automatically drive towards True North objectives, including Profit and New to Brand Customers
  • Holistically manage Similar, Lookalike, WCA, and Customer List Audiences across search and social channels
  • Monitor creative sentiment and combat ad fatigue with automated alerts and insights

Leverage cross-channel retail intelligence

  • Understand the true impact of Search, Social, and Retail channels on your customers
  • Drive traffic from Google and Facebook Ads to Amazon PDPs and Stores, then measure performance with seamless attribution
  • Leverage retail data from Amazon Brand Analytics, including COGS, inventory health, ratings, and number of other sellers, to inform what products to promote across channels
  • Activate ads leveraging weather, TV and health signals to drive sales of contextually relevant products

Hear from our clients in your industry

“After a long and detailed market research and studies comparing all the features each platform had to offer, we considered Skai’s solution the most complete on the market.”

André Martins, Head of Performance Marketing

“Due to the ease of access and utility of Skai’s Experiments tool, I have spent less time on gathering data and more time analyzing it, which allows me to make impactful decisions, quicker.”

Briana Rittersporn, Account Manager

“Overall, using Google Smart Bidding + Skai’s Budget Navigator led to many positive trends. The team saw an increase in CVR & AOV, in conjunction with an increase in traffic helped drive higher overall revenue and conversion volume from these campaigns, while savings on Average CPC helped boost efficiency and stay within the Shopping budget.”

Shana Wolfert, Senior Specialist for Shopping & Feed

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