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  • Drive YOY lift on Black Friday and across the Golden Quarter (October through December).
  • Drive efficiencies within the campaigns to ensure they were investing in the right channels.


  • Segmented search campaigns by new visitors, previous visitors and converters’ profiles in Google and Bing in order to optimize by customer type.
  • Utilized Skai’s Portfolio Optimizer to automate bid and budgeting for these campaigns by customer type, and Halogen forecasting to develop and control spend pacing.
  • Adopted a similar solution on shopping campaigns in order to better optimize bids and budgets.


Skai’s technology contributed to:

  • For Black Friday, search revenue increasing by 66% and ROI growing by 75%.
  • Shopping revenue for the same time period increasing by 104% and ROI growing by 32%.
  • Overall, for both search and shopping, revenue growing 82% and ROI increasing 62%.