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Background: At the Intersection of High-Tech and Handmade

Craftsy, an online destination for makers, has more than a million members who visit every week for ideas and inspiration in everything from knitting and quilting to photography and cake decorating. Their community also includes thousands of creative professionals who share their expertise as instructors, pattern designers and contributing editors.

Craftsy sits where high-tech meets handmade and they are very focused on creating the very best online consumer experience for their members. This translates to their digital marketing efforts as well with sophisticated search and social marketing programs that drive awareness, leads and revenue for their range of classes, kits and supplies. When it came time to drive qualified email sign-ups for their quilting category, they knew search and social would be key to their success.

Challenge: Increased Volume with Lower Cost Per Lead

In the past, to drive leads for other categories of their business, Craftsy employed lookalike audiences (created from their existing customer database) and interest targeting, and while successful, the volume was typically a bit low. For the quilting category, they really wanted to drive leads at scale and be able to do so while maintaining their target cost-per-lead. Ultimately, they needed a solution that would allow them to go broader but still be targeted enough to be efficient.

Solution: Tapping Into Search Intent

Skai’s Intent Driven Audiences (IDA) was just the ticket. With its ability to tap into user intent based on search activity, it enabled them to cast a larger net of crafters (and aspiring crafters) beyond their existing audience. Craftsy identified the relevant search campaigns they were already running (that targeted the same categories as their Facebook campaigns) and then, with IDA, they were able to target any users who clicked on a search term but did not convert, with a relevant Facebook ad. They ensured their ad creative was specific to the search category in order to ensure a consistent narrative across channels.

Results: A Win on Facebook

The results so far have been impressive. On Facebook, they saw a 50% increase in CTR and 25% decrease in cost-per-lead as compared against their control ad sets.  Craftsy looks forward to tapping into IDA and other sophisticated search and social capabilities in order to continue to build out their community of crafters.