Kenshoo together with Signals Analytics have rebranded to Skai! Learn more about our next chapter.


  • Acquire a high volume of installs for World Chef, a newly launched game.
  • Maintaining a low Cost Per Install (CPI).


  • Conducted soft launch iterative testing to determine strategy for the worldwide launch by testing a number of variables including bid models, creative, pace types, ad formats, targets and products.
  • Implemented a phased targeting approach starting with nested lookalikes at each percentile (1-10%) based on iOS users who had installed the app.
  • Moved to nested lookalikes at each percentile (1-10%) based on all Android users who had installed the app.
  • Added more countries to their geo-targeting and switched focus from user acquisition to ROI, creating lookalike audiences based on Android and iOS in-app transactions.
  • Skai worked with Facebook to provide Social Point with daily reviews of performance as well as weekly strategy calls.


  • Average conversion rate of 50%.
  • The Instagram campaigns reached record-setting results with 13,000 installs in a single day on iOS!