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Infinity_Awards_2016_Honorable Mention


  • Accurately measure and optimize the customer journey across channels to help drive as many monthly and annual online subscriptions as possible, while meeting cost per acquisition (CPA) goals.


  • Utilize the Skai pixel and U-shaped attribution model across social, search and display to attribute conversions fairly across the conversion path, from first click to eventual purchase to determine the actual value of each channel.
  • Use Skai Social Personas to determine which ad types work with what audience, to make sure that the right audience gets the right ad at the right time.


  • On social, generated a 123% year-over-year (YoY) increase in conversions and an 86% increase in Facebook followers.
  • On search, generated a 523% YoY increase in conversions and a 57% YoY decrease in CPA.