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Infinity_Awards_2016_Honorable Mention


  • Focus attention and investment on specific products with the greatest potential to drive incremental revenue and ROI through PLAs.


  • Inform Skai Portfolio Optimizer (KPO) of external signals, like price competitiveness, to leverage in PLA bid decisioning.
  • Partner with Bid Skillet to assign a priority score to each product based on the likelihood of customers choosing this item over a competitor’s.
  • Feed a bid multiplier and strategic product grouping into Skai’s KPO bid algorithm to enrich the data and influence proactive bid decisioning.


  • Overall revenue in Google Shopping increased by 38% at an incremental ROI 3:1 when compared to the historical baseline.
  • When isolating mobile only, the program growth was an even greater at 62% with an incremental ROI of 3:1.