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Skai’s enterprise-level advertising technology enables marketers across many categories to make sound, fast decisions on the most important go-to-market channels. From strategy and planning tools, to amazing advertising performance, unbiased measurement, and consultative expert staff, we have you covered today and tomorrow. With deep experience and tailored go-to-market solutions designed for the specific needs, challenges and KPIs of many categories, Skai proudly services these industries and more.

What’s your Industry?

Kenshoo Retail

Skai for Retail Marketers

Skai’s robust Search, Social and Ecommerce solutions help retailers better understand the full customer journey — from awareness, to research, to intent, and finally purchase. Learn more about Skai’s solutions for retail marketers.

Kenshoo CPG

Skai for CPG Marketers

Skai helps CPG and FMCG marketers maximize digital opportunity in order to gain insight into their customers and drive continued sales across retailers and marketplaces online. Learn more about our solutions for CPG marketers.

Kenshoo Agency

Skai for Agencies

Maximizing profitability and delivering outstanding client performance has always required a delicate balancing act by agencies. Skai’s solutions enable agencies to service their clients while saving time and delivering impeccable performance. Discover more about Skai’s solutions for agencies.

Kenshoo Finance

Skai for Finance Marketers

In a heavily regulated industry, it can be challenging to find meaningful ways to reach your audience. With our robust targeting tools, Skai helps financial service marketers target the right audience while navigation privacy law and regulations. Learn more about our robust solutions.

Kenshoo Travel

Skai for Travel Marketers

Today’s traveler researches their trips and vacations across a wide range of digital content. Learn how travel marketers can reach consumers across all the key channels – search, social, and mobile using Skai.

Kenshoo Education

Skai for Education Marketers

Education continues to evolve — that is clear. Skai enables education marketers with cross-channel solutions that help to engage the right audience while keeping costs and bids down. Learn more about our targeting and bidding solutions.

Kenshoo Automotive

Skai for Automotive Marketers

Automotive marketers need new ways to reach consumers. They can no longer just rely on TV. Digital opens a new door. The opportunity to leverage the power of digital advertising to deliver 1:1 more personalized messaging at scale. Discover more.

Kenshoo Gaming

Skai for Gaming Marketers

Gaming marketers know the install is only the beginning. Making your app not only stand out among millions but remain sticky comes down to a cross-publisher marketing strategy. Discover how Skai can help.

Consumer Apps
Kenshoo Consumer Apps

Skai for Consumer App Marketers

Reach your best mobile users and drive acquisition with the only complete mobile advertising platform. Skai Apps is the all-in-one mobile advertising platform, designed for app marketers to reach their best customers, drive the install & continue user app engagement across all of the publishers that matter.