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Infinity_Awards_2016_Honorable Mention


  • Launch bid policies, followed by 1,424 scheduled actions based on hourly performance in an attempt to keep their client, as well as 4 retailers locked into specific positions on the Google and Bing SERPs at all hours of the day.


  • Use the bid to position policy to evaluate the previous day’s performance for corporate, as well as 4 retailers and make adjustments automatically as needed to hold desired position ranges.
  • Deploy 153 different scheduled actions occurring at 4 times throughout the day to either increase, decrease or hold the bids of all keywords in order to stay within desired position ranges to combat SERP volatility throughout the day.


  • Decreased cost per click (CPC) by 41%, translating into $8.5M in savings.
  • Freed up 15 hours a week and redistributed this time to grow the business in other areas.