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Infinity_Awards_2016_Honorable Mention


  • Evolve the clients’ paid media approach from an ROAS model based on eCommerce sales to an omni-channel ROAS model that incorporates eCommerce sales, in-store sales, new customer acquisition and lifetime value.
  • Begin optimizing non-brand paid search towards new customer acquisition.


  • Design a solution that would allow the team to not only track customer acquisition down to the keyword level, but also enable that data to be syndicated from Ovative’s data environment back into the Skai platform.
  • Break out customer data into segments with different lifetime value metrics.
  • Design an A/B geographic market to better understand the impact of optimizing non-brand paid search spend against eCommerce revenue plus new customer acquisition metrics, rather than just eCommerce revenue.
  • Utilize Skai to optimize spend towards maximum lifetime enterprise value in the test markets.


  • New customers and new omni-customers (existing store customers purchasing online for the first time) were up 16% versus the control markets.
  • Enterprise revenue increased versus the control market.