30 %
Increase in Profit on Google
200 %
Increase in Profit on Bing


LegalDocsPDQ, formerly Express Legal, is one of the fastest growing online document services companies in North America. Its mission is to offer fast, easy, and inexpensive online legal document services, supported by world-class customer service. Incubated in Canada, LegalDocsPDQ opened its first U.S. branch in January 2015.


LegalDocsPDQ leverages paid search to help drive new leads and conversions for its services. Its ultimate goal is to maximize profit from its paid SEM campaigns.

Its previous bid management platform was able to provide only a minimal lift in profit, so LegalDocsPDQ sought out a partner that could maximize these results.


LegalDocsPDQ approached Skai to explore working together. The teams put together a cost-benefit analysis which led to a forecast with healthy profit gains. As a result, LegalDocsPDQ decided to onboard its paid search with Skai.

Through Skai, LegalDocsPDQ was able to activate a model-based bid policy within Skai Portfolio Optimizer (KPO) geared toward maximizing profit. The algorithm optimized across a portfolio of keywords toward the profit goal while also maintaining a break-even ROI constraint.

In addition to the optimization benefits, LegalDocsPDQ also leveraged many of Skai’s workflow tools such as Skai Editor and Advanced Search. These solutions made it easier and faster to manage and traffic campaigns across multiple engines by providing more automation. With only one person, Aaron Adamson, managing the entire program on the LegalDocsPDQ side, Skai enabled better utilization of resources, driving new efficiencies and time savings.

Finally, to get a full view of performance, LegalDocsPDQ also made use of the scheduled reports and saw further profit gains through the utilization of non-last click attribution models.


The KPO profit policy that was initially run across Google campaigns generated nearly a 30% lift in profit within a 45-day period. After this success, LegalDocsPDQ expanded these efforts to Bing, where they saw triple-digit improvements with profit up 200%.

"We’re thrilled with the performance that Skai has been able to drive for our business. We’re excited to continue our work with Skai to gain a more strategic perspective and understand how we can continue to fine-tune our program within search and beyond.”

Aaron Adamson, Director of Digital Marketing, LegalDocsPDQ