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Key Digital Marketing Trends from Q3 2021

Here are some of the key digital marketing trends from Q3 2021's advertising data.

Mobile Search Keywords Close The Price Gap. Keyword search clicks on mobile devices have historically been lower than their desktop counterparts, but that is finally starting to change. Mobile keyword CPC grew 41% YoY, and were actually more expensive in Q3 than desktop keywords were a year ago.
Price Increases Drive Overall Spending. Year-over-year price increases were a major component of spending growth for Paid Search and Paid Social. Social CPMs increased 34% YoY while average cost-per-click (CPC) for search rose 30%. Click prices were also up 21% for Retail Media ads, where click volume was also a growth factor.
Paid Social Leads The Way For Consumer Goods & Retail. Across all channels, Paid Social saw the biggest YoY growth when looking specifically at Consumer Goods & Retail advertisers, with spending up 50% compared to 45% for Retail Media. This segment only grew 18% for Paid Search, and overall investment in search shopping ads continued to slow as shopping activity started moving back offline in some categories.

The Skai Q3 2021 Quarterly Trends Report

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This edition of the Skai Quarterly Trends Report for Q1 2021 is drawn from an overall population of nearly $7 billion in annualized marketer spend, over 1 trillion ad impressions, and 12 billion clicks. As one of the most well-respected datasets by those who follow advertising performance, it includes unique insights about what’s happening in the digital advertising industry on a macro level.

Learn quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) and year-over-year (YoY) digital advertising campaign performance trends from Q2 2021, including:
  • Key performance indicators for the second quarter of the year across paid search, paid social, and retail media advertising
  • Details on what drove notable trends and changes over time in each advertising channel
  • The impact of online shopping across the entire advertising landscape

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