Skai’s inventory based campaign solution
delivers time savings and improved performance

  • What are Inventory Based Campaigns?

    Skai’s inventory based campaigns solution enables advertisers to automatically update campaigns based on inventory availability and merchandising. Through a feed that connects directly to your internal inventory system, this technology updates your keywords and ad copy on a regular basis to match the most recent pricing and promotions information.

What Inventory Based Campaigns Can Do For You

  • Connect With Accuracy

    Never miss an opportunity to sell with search ads that accurately reflect your inventory
  • Improve Efficiency

    Streamline workflows with automatically generated, relevant search ads across publishers
  • Automate Optimization

    Capture incremental opportunities with automated optimization

Reduce Effort With Inventory Based Campaigns

  • Build

    Inventory based campaigns are built automatically through rules you define and customize at any level (campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads), based on your inventory structure and needs.

  • Generate

    Using the rules, automatically generate item-specific entities based on price, description or other attributes from your feed.

  • Pause

    Campaigns will also automatically pause entities related to items that are out of stock, and reactivate when there is new inventory.

  • Create

    Campaigns can be created across multiple SEM publishers and use any optimization (bid policy/KPO) you use in Skai.

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