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No other industry has gone through as much fundamental change over the last decade as retail. The digital and mobile revolutions have transformed the way consumers shop, and allowed niche startups to compete with established brands, leveling the playing field with the power of digital advertising. To stay competitive, engage their customer base and grow market share retail marketers need to maximize opportunities for monetization and master every ad channel—using data intelligence to pull it all together.

Modular SaaS + Services Solutions Designed to Scale as You Grow

Generate Demand and Acquire Customers

Cross-Channel Marketing

Optimizing Retail Marketing Across Channels

  • Allocate the right budgets in the right media channels
  • Leverage data to understand impact of one channel on another
  • Drive workflow efficiency across organizational siloes
  • Run experiments to improve media mix in real time
Customer Lifecycle Engagement

Managing Lifecycle of Customer Conversations

  • Converge customer acquisition with CRM and lifetime value
  • Personalize messages for the right person at the right time
  • Maximize lifetime value beyond the immediate sale
  • Connect the dots from online to in store
Growth Strategy and Planning

Connecting Marketing to Business Objectives

  • Align price, profit and logistics objectives to your marketing KPIs
  • Map local and offline sales to digital interactions
  • Generate audience-level insights to better position product portfolio
  • Leverage calendar, seasonality and audits to capitalize on demand opportunities

Skai has been named Microsoft’s Technology Partner of the Year and #1 in Search and Social for the Internet Retailer Top 1000 for Seven Years Running

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Maximize Brand and Vendor Relationships

Evolve Co-op Offerings

Take Co-op Budgets to New Heights

  • Expand co-op marketing opportunities to more vendors with ease
  • Realize efficiencies at scale across forecasting, campaign creation, management, and reporting
  • Resolve logistical roadblocks like ad duplication and data integration
  • Offer brands more transparency to increase relationship loyalty
Launch Advertising Media

Monetize Your Website with Advertising

  • Generate ad revenue like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Instacart, and more
  • Learn to fast track development of your tech stack
  • Implement best practices for launching advertisers and reducing churn
  • Demystify the evolution of 1st and 3rd party marketplaces
Walmart Connect
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“Keyword Smart Tags have been a great tool for our team—we are a lean team and our accounts are extremely large and keyword dense. These tags have helped alert us of any issues happening without us having to scrub through thousands of keywords which is a huge time saver for us!”

Robyn Feldmar, Paid Search Associate, Performance Media and Kimberly Theune, Paid Search Associate, Performance Media

“We have seen solid performance with Smart Bidding on Skai and have continued to roll it out across all of our other campaigns.”

SEM Manager, Men’s Retail Holding Company

“Skai’s Mirror and Keep in Sync campaign feature not only had a significant impact on beating revenue goals, but the time savings was critical.”

Sarah Gyson, Sr. Director, Client Services

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