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Gain unmatched marketplace accuracy to meet your goals & assign value

Execute integrated forecasting & attribution with more predictability and visibility

  • Leverage data insights and market intelligence to provide forecasts and models to maximize conversions and increase return on incremental spend
  • Plan with foresight into results to understand potential return before any changes to your campaigns are made
  • Go beyond static models with algorithms that update regularly using machine learning to analyze optimization techniques for your business
  • Improve campaign performance by automatically adjusting budgets and bids based on the actual value of each ad placement


Powerful Predictive Media & Attribution Engine

Advanced Forecasting

Gain insight into your portfolio’s future performance potential and respond to market changes

Scenario Planning

Know the impact of budget decisions before you make them

Simplified Budgeting

Improve visibility into cross-channel and intra-channel budgeting, with automated execution

Immediate Impact on Optimization

Automate bid performance with attribution system that speaks directly to bidding engines

Forecasting Overview

Attribution Study

Travelodge Success Story

Budgeting Guide