• Ask MI is Skai's AI-powered, search-based market intelligence solution. It provides non-data experts with quick, self-serve access to powerful insights about the consumers, brands, products, competitors and innovation within their category.

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Actionable insights for everyone, powered by AI

  • Organization-Wide Access

    Use the intuitive search bar to ask a question and get your answer in seconds...no training needed! It's that easy to put essential insights & smarter decisions in everyone’s hands.
  • Faster Time-to-Insight

    Don’t wait weeks for an expert to analyze the data. All of our dashboards have been created with specific user questions in mind, so anyone can interpret the results and take action in moments.
  • Better Decision Making

    Be confident that decisions are being made from the most comprehensive insights possible—the underlying data & technology fueling Ask MI is the same as our more advanced solution.
"Ask MI makes it a lot easier for me to get insights into the hands of other colleagues."

Anja Klein, Global Product Innovation Team, Mars Petcare

Ask MI a question...choose how to view the answer

  • Quick Answers

    Start typing and you’ll be guided to suggested questions based upon the keywords and phrases used. Every answer is presented back in one or two key visuals.
  • Brand Dashboard

    Ask about a specific brand and get essential insights into its health, consumer interactions & sentiment, claims vs. perception and most reviewed and rated products.
  • Product Attribute Dashboard

    Search for any product attribute (i.e. flavor, ingredient, feature, benefit) and discover where it is being mentioned, consumer sentiment and leading brand, product and product type associations.
  • Discovery Dashboard

    Use the discover functionality to produce interactive dashboards that give richer insights into broader search terms.
"This is the ease of use I have been looking for."

Jessica Yankell, Sr. Manager, Innovation & Portfolio Transformation Insights, PepsiCo

What makes Ask MI unique?

  • Intuitive, search-based experience
  • Dashboards that answer specific user questions
  • Customized and personalized for a user's unique needs
  • Insights specific to a category, not the entire universe
  • Fueled by thousands of external data sources
  • Powered by patented natural-language processing
"If I was to make a self-service portal for insights it would be this."

Estée Lauder

Ask MI or Explore MI: Which solution is best for you?

For some clients, Ask MI fulfils all of their data needs. For others, they want to dig deeper with more advanced, predictive insights. Check out the key feature comparisons between our two off-the-shelf solutions to see which one best meets your needs.

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