• Connecting Google, Microsoft Advertising, and Amazon

    Google & Microsoft Advertising Advertisers often drive their audiences to Amazon to purchase their products. The challenge for these advertisers is the limited visibility into what happened after the user clicks on their Ad.

    Skai bridges the gap between publishers by enabling Google & Microsoft Advertising advertisers to measure and optimize towards purchases made with Amazon conversion data. This gives advertisers more insight to maximize performance towards their Google & Microsoft Advertising campaigns that drive users to Amazon.

How Amazon Conversion Data Works in Skai Search

  • User clicks on Google or Microsoft Advertising Ad with an Amazon.com destination URL.
  • User lands on the Amazon Store Page and makes a purchase.
  • Skai identifies the action and reports back the actual Amazon conversions driven from Google & Microsoft Advertising Ads.

Gain Insights, Inform Optimizations and Enhance Performance with Skai Search solutions

  • View your Amazon conversion and sales performance side by side with Google and Microsoft Advertising data and make optimizations.

  • Identify which Ad in any given Ad Group or Campaign drove purchases on Amazon.

  • Make optimizations based on your true Amazon conversion goals and not just vanity metrics.

  • Measure Amazon Conversions, Revenue, and ROAS from Google and Microsoft Advertising Ads to Amazon.com.

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